Soapthulhu Pattern


I don’ t know what it is about December that brings out the Cthulhu knitter in me, but here I am, once again, messing around with the great old one.

Without further ado, I bring you: Soapthulhu!

Made of acrylic so the great old one can also be a great old scrubber in the tubber.
What’s this? Untie the tentacles and…
…tip him over to reveal…

…soap! The green, sticky spawn of the stars, is apparently all about cleanliness. Who knew?
_ Bet you’ve never seen this!…back side of the great old one.
_ And finally, here is Soapthulhu, empty of soap, but thinking fondly of the havoc he will wreak upon the showering masses with his bar of soap. His evil, evil bar of soap.

For all you knitters out there, I bring you: Soapthulhu!

Items needed to summon the great old one:
Needle: US #10 dpn or cable needles
Yarn: Worsted weight yarn (acrylic has a really nice shower scrub feeling, cotton can be too soft & soggy, wool felts & shrinks)
Guage: Isn’t critical, but have soap handy for testing fit as you go along.
Also: 1 yarn needle

Elder code:
k – knit
ktbl – knit one stitch through the back loop
m1 – make one stitch
k2tog- knit two stitches together
yo – yarn over
s1 – slip one stitch
WS – wrong side
sts – stitches

i-cord directions of evil: Using dpns, knit first row 3 stitches. Instead of turning the work around, slide all sts to other end of needle, switch needle into left hand, knit (yarn will be at back, and reaching up to knit first stitch now on top.) Repeat.

To Begin the summoning:

Cast on 20 stitches using the Magic Cast-on for Toe-up Socks
found here on

Row 1: k10, put needle 2 on top, ktbl10 (just like it says in the Knitty directions)
Row 2: k
Row 3: k1, m1 k8, k1, m1, k1, m1, k8, k1, m1 (the idea is to increase 1 stitch at the beginning and end of each needle (if you’re knitting this on 2 dpns), so you end up adding 4 stitches in this row.
Row 4: k
Row 5: k1, m1, k8, k1, m1, k8, k1, m1 (increased by 4 again. You should have 28 stitches)
Row 6: k
Row 7: k1, m1, k8, k1, m1, k8, k1, m1 (increased by 4 again. You should have 32 stitches)
Row 8-13: k

Slip soap lengthwise into knitting to check fit. If you can stretch the knitting a little and it fits over the soap, that’s perfect. The idea is to cover the soap at its largest (unused) size, and to also have the whole thing be a nice sized washcloth in your hand. At this point, my Soapthulu was 4″ x 4.25 “ measured flat. My soap is a 4″ x 2.5″ bar of Olay. I added a couple more rows for extra room, and so the whole thing would feel more like a washcloth in my hand.

Knit longer, if you have larger soap. When the fit looks good, start the holes for the tie:

Row 14: *k2tog, yo* repeat until end of row (this makes holes)
Row 15: k
Row 16: k
Row 17: k
Row 18: The Tentacle Row: *S1, hold on spare needle or yarn holder, k3 with a new needle work these three stitches in i-cord 1-3″ (how ever long you want your tentacle.)

To bind off, measure out about 16 feet (four yards) of working yarn and cut, so you now have a really long working tail of live yarn. Thread yarn through yarn needle, and thread needle through three stitches of i-cord. Pull tight to bind off end of tentacle.

Thread yarn up through tentacle. You will use this yarn to finish knitting Soapthulhu.* Repeat between * * 3 more times (with each slipped stitch going over on the same spare needle or yarn holder.) until you have 4 tentacles, and 4 slipped stitches held to the side. K16

Row 19: *k slipped stitch off of spare needle/yarn holder, pu and k stitch between slipped stitch and tentacle, pu and k stitch behind and at base of tentacle* repeat * * across row, pu and k stitch between last tentacle and back row. You should have thirteen stitches on your face-of-Soapthulhu needle and 16 stitches on the back side of Soapthulhu. K16

Row 20: Bind off all stitches loosely

To Finish him off!

Make 3 stitch i-cord about 12″-13″ long. Thread i-cord through holes at base of Soapthulhu and tie in half or double knot, to close. Tie creates 2 more tentacles.

With different color of yarn, stitch diagonal eyes.

Bind off, weave in all ends.

Ta-da! Instant evil in your shower. Enjoy!

This pattern is copyrighted by Devon Monk 2010-2011. It is offered to you for free in the spirit of community. Please enjoy the pattern for personal projects and gift giving, but do not sell the pattern or the items made from the pattern. That would anger the elder gods, and we all know what will happen then, don’t we?