Frequently Asked Questions*


Q: What order should I read the Allie Beckstrom books? 

A: The Allie Beckstrom books aren’t really stand-alone books.  I feel the best reading experience is to start at book 1 and read through to book 9.  That being said, some people have jumped in at different books and haven’t had too much trouble following the larger plot, so that’s a possibility too.

Q: Ok, but what is the order of the books?

A: 1. Magic to the Bone

2. Magic in the Blood

3. Magic in the Shadows

4. Magic on the Storm

5. Magic at the Gate

6. Magic on the Hunt

7. Magic on the Line

8. Magic Without Mercy

9. Magic for a Price

Q: I have all the Allie Beckstrom books in audio format except #8 and #9.  When will you release them in audio?

A: The last two books were not picked up for audio release by Tantor Audio.  That means I don’t currently have a way to release them in audio format.  If I can find a way to get them out in audio, I will do so, but at this time, the answer is: they’re not coming out in audio.   It is something I’ll try to pursue, but I can not guarantee what the results will be.

Q: Is book 9 really the end for Allie?  Say it isn’t so! I want to read more about her and Zay and Stone and stuff.

A: The Allie Beckstrom series is a nine-book story. It was planned that way from the start. As of this moment (Jan. 2013) I don’t have plans to write more Allie books.  HOWEVER, I am writing two spin-off books (HELL BENT and STONE COLD) from Shame Flynn’s point of view that are set in Portland Oregon about three years after the last Allie book.  I love writing Allie, and if she has another story to tell, whether as novella, novel, or series, I will absolutely write it! Oh, and yes, Allie and Zay and several other favorites show up in the Shame books….

Q: Where is Get Mugged?  I’d love to go get a cup of coffee there when I’m in Portland someday.

A: Alas, Get Mugged only exists in Allie’s Portland.


Q: So how many books are there in this series?

A: At this point there are three. 

Q: What order should I read them in?

A: While not exactly stand-alone books, I think a reader could start with any book in the series and be able to follow along pretty well. I do think starting with DEAD IRON and reading through to COLD COPPER might make the most satisfying experience.

Q: What is the order of the books?




Q: Is this Victorian Steampunk with lots of manners and talk of tea and such?

A. No. This is steampunk set in the American West of the 1800’s.  Lots of action, swearing, horses, guns, mad machines, monsters, and magic.

To be continued…

*FAQs are currently under construction. They will be updated as I find time.