Magic On The Storm

Magic On The Storm

Book 4 in the Allie Beckstrom Series

Allison Beckstrom is committed to her work tracing illegal spells. Now, there’s an apocalyptic storm bearing down on Portland, and when it hits, all the magic in the area will turn unstable and destructive. To stop it from taking out the entire city, Allie and her lover, the mysterious Zayvion Jones, must work with the Authority-the enigmatic arbiters of all things magic-and take a stand against a magical wildstorm that will obliterate all in its path…






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  1. Candeece
    Candeece July 18, 2011 at 8:01 am | | Reply

    HI, I am presuming you are reading this Devon, I am not really sure how this works, but I just wanted to let you know what an awsome job you are doing on your Magic series. I picked up your first book in the series in March of this year. I know I am a little late in coming in, I just spent the last 9 years reading Sandra Boynton (love her work too) board books to little kids while doing inhome daycare. At anyrate, I love your wicked turn of phrases, the on the edge of your seat action, and the oh so steamy heart melting love scenes. Just getting ready to start the Storm book. Can’t wait. Thanks again.

  2. Conny aka Psychobunny
    Conny aka Psychobunny July 25, 2011 at 1:41 am | | Reply

    Got a new fav character I guess and if you kill him off this bunny will wreak havoc! Nope, neither Allie nor Zay though I do like them. But no one can quite reach Shame *G* That boy so rocks + he’s goth which gives him about 100 points extra. He and Terric are a fabulous pair – you sure it doesn’t include sex? Well, I’m not *VEG*

    Oh, and you write great banter – love it!

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