Worldcon & Newsletter

Yes! I will be attending Worldcon in Spokane this year. I’ll be traveling via train, which unfortunately means I’ll miss all of Wednesday. But on the upside, I’ll be there until midnight on Sunday. 😉

Here is my schedule:

When to Get An Agent

Thursday 12:00 – 12:45, Bays 111B (CC)

Autographing – Aliette de Bodard, P. C. Hodgell, Richard Kadrey, Devon Monk, Michelle Sagara, Lawrence M. Schoen

Friday 13:00 – 13:45, Hall B (CC)

Writers Workshop section 07

Saturday 10:00 – 13:00, 201A (CC

It’s been years since I’ve attended Worldcon and I expect this one to be a whopper. My plans are to take it easy, get some writing done, and to do my best to mingle and have drama-free fun. If you see the slightly introverted gal in the corner with a cup of coffee, it’s probably me. I hope you’ll come on over and say hi. :)


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Crucible Zero Final

CRUCIBLE ZERO – In stores September 1st

Book #3 –the final installment–in the House Immortal trilogy. It’s been getting some great reviews lately!

Winners – Crucible Zero ARCs

crucible zero arcThe Random Number Generator has spoken! Here are the six winners:

1. Kaysi Peister – who said: Lets see if this works shall we?
I rather enjoyed the first two books in this series and really can’t wait for the final one to come out so I can see how it all ends. I do love your writing Devon. I’ll buy the book if I don’t win a copy :) You should have been here today, the weather was amazing.

2. Bryan M – who said: I just finished Infinity Bell, before that the Mistborn series (1-3), and now on to Magic Breaks. Got to watch Minions and Ant-Man before hooking up the trailer and driving to Alaska. Looking forward to all of the used bookstores along the way!

3. Liz  – who said: Thank you for the opportunity! I love all your books. Can’t wait to read this book. Lalavill

4. Tez Miller – who said: It’s winter 😉 Been reading books I own, instead of library books, so that’s new.

5. Jaime Dyba – who said: Summer time is eventful. This summer more than others as we finally moved into dream home. Been super busy packing, cleaning, and unpacking so far. Think this mom of 5 needs a time out and could think of nothing better than to enjoy another book from Devon Monk! Love each and every series. Thank you for showing us your creative mind in your written words, and allowing us an escape.

6. Julianna hinckley – who said: Ooooo! Would a sneak peek at book 3!

Winners…please email me your mailing address so I can send your copy out to you. (Click on the envelope button here on my blog for the email link.) If I don’t hear from you by Monday July 20th, I will do a speed giveaway of any unclaimed ARCs on that day.

Congratulations, and happy reading!!

House Immortal.indd

Crucible Zero – Giveaway

Winners have been announced! Click here to see if you won.
Hello there! Sorry I’ve been away from blogging for so long.Crucible Zero Final

It has been a busy spring-into-summer around here. I’ve been writing like crazy on some projects I can’t reveal yet. I do try to peek in on Twitter and Facebook with some regularity. If you want to follow me there too, just click the buttons you might see on the right. :)

Today I have good news! I am holding, in my hot little hands, six (6)! advance reader copies of CRUCIBLE ZERO, book #3–the final installment–of my House Immortal series.

Book #2, INFINITY BELL left Matilda in quite a game-changer situation (shhh….no spoilers). CRUCIBLE ZERO picks up right where we left her: facing big decisions, changes, and chances.

CRUCIBLE ZERO doesn’t come out until September, but I’m going to give a copy to six commenters (chosen by the random number generator, natch) here on my blog.

The details:

These do not have the pretty cover. They do have a couple typos and a formatting glitch or two. :)crucible zero arc

I will draw winners Tuesday, July 14th and post winner names here on my blog. Please check back!

If a winner does NOT contact me with their mailing address, I will give away the unclaimed ARCs on on my blog on Monday,  July 21st in a speed round of first-comment, first-wins.

And that’s it! So how has your summer (or winter, if such season applies) been going so far this year? Seen any good movies? Read any good books?

Audio News

Good news! I am very happy to announce that Tantor Media is releasing the last two books in my Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series in audio format. To all the fans who wondered if they’d ever get a chance to hear the rest of Allie’s story, the answer is: yes!

Book 8: Magic Without Mercy will be released May 13th

MagicwoMercy audio-238x238

Book 9: Magic For a Price will be released June 3rd

Oh, and my newest series, the House Immortal books, are out in audio format too! Book #1, House Immortal and Book #2, Infinity Bell, are up and ready to be heard. :)

HouseImmortal audio-238x238InfinityBell audio-238x238