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Today’s chapter #13 is live over on Magical Urban Fantasy  You can follow the link below to read the next installment of TIN SWIFT’s  prequel short story, HANG FIRE and if you leave a comment there, you’ll be in the running to win a copy of TIN SWIFT and other fun steampunk prizes.  A winner will be chosen at each stop, so feel free to leave a comment at each blog!

Chapter Thirteen: Magical Urban Fantasy

Chapter Twelve: My Bookish Ways

Chapter Eleven: Deadline Dames

Chapter Ten: Rachel Vincent

Chapter Nine: Rabid Reads

Chapter Eight: All Things Urban Fantasy

Chapter Seven: I Smell Sheep

Chapter Six: Fantasy Literature (extra prize: steampunk bracer by Roger Brown)

Chapter Five: A Book Obsession

Chapter Four: The Qwillery

Chapter Three: Tote Bag ‘n’ Blogs

Chapter Two: Fiction Vixen

Chapter One: Candace’s Book Blog





Other Excellent Things

Exercise Buddies.

Over the last couple stress and deadline-filled years, I gave up on exercise. It was a stupid choice, but something had to give, and that’s what I let go of so I could pour my efforts into other things.  This year, I was finally in a good space (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.) to try new ways to introduce exercise back into my life.

I decided to try jogging. I think I’ve always wanted to be a runner but had no idea how to start, and always felt a little silly (and sore) when I attempted it.  So I asked around online and several people suggested I give the Couch to 5K a shot.  After finding some free music on Podrunner: Intervals I could download–music set to the beats per minute I should be walking/jogging for the program–I got on the treadmill and started off.

I made it through week 5 out of 9, and then LIFE happened. I reluctantly (maybe even a little sulkily) stopped the program.  Over the next couple months I’d get on the treadmill, maybe once a week, but it was clear my exercise mojo was gone.

Luckily for me, my sister asked if we could start up our twice-weekly walks around the neighborhood again. Knowing she’d be by the house to go walking two days a week helped rebuild my mojo and confidence. I eventually mentioned the jogging program.  She had always told me she *hates* jogging, but she was willing to give it a try.  At the same time, my husband who has been attending a martial arts class for over a year, decided he wanted to put some cardio into his work out.  He wondered if the Couch to 5K might be a good way to do it.

Now that I have two jogging buddies, my mojo is finally back! I am not fast, the jogging is not easy (will it ever be? I don’t know) but I am happy to be moving again and to be accomplishing something that keeps me healthy.  I feel proud of myself for doing it, and as an added bonus, it gives me the chance to spend a little extra time with two people I love.


  1. Colleen says

    Author Julia London started a Facebook page called “Running for Burgers”. It’s a cute little bit of motivation. She and others post about running, walking, biking. Her posts give me a little boost and are a good reminder that there are a whole lot of others out there like me, not serious athletes but wanting to get in shape. In my case that would be any shape other than round! O.o

  2. Arlene Eldon says

    Did you know that the guy who produces the Podrunner mixes is Steve Boyett, one of the early Urban Fantasy writers? He wrote Ariel and Elegy Beach.


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