My Butt!

Okay, not *my* butt.

Author Jim C. Hines has a wonderful post on his blog about book covers and how the women on fantasy covers are portrayed.  His (hilarious) approach to modeling the poses includes the cover of my book, MAGIC TO THE BONE.

He also makes some very nice points that I think are worth discussion.  I didn’t know Jim was going to use my book, and only found out about the post (but not my “contribution” to it) on Twitter.  I’ve never met Jim in person, but back when I was using Live Journal as my main blogging site, he was one of the authors I followed, and I have always enjoyed the conversations he was willing to explore.

Check out Jim’s post here

If you haven’t heard of Jim’s books, he has two series:


What would happen if an author went back to the darker themes of the original fairy tales for his plots, and then crossed the Disney princesses with Charlie’s Angels? What’s delivered is The Stepsister Scheme—a whole new take on what happened to Cinderella and her prince after the wedding. And with Jim C. Hines penning the tale readers can bet it won’t be “and they lived happily ever after.”



GOBLIN QUEST – by Jim C. Hines

When Jig’s patrol is ambushed by a group of adventurers, he does what goblins do best: throws down his weapon and surrenders. Thus begins Jig’s quest, as the adventurers force him to serve as their guide through the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the mountain. Led by Prince Barius Wendelson, their goal is an ancient magical artifact, hidden here ages past. As the group moves deeper into the tunnels, Jig finds himself face to face with creatures of goblin legend: ogres, trolls, not to mention the long-dead servants of the dreaded Necromancer, all leading to one final, deadly battle. To survive, Jig will have to find a way to combine heroism with his own goblin ideals. The result is an unpredictable adventure that will leave readers cheering this unlikeliest of heroes and questioning some of the most basic traditions of fantasy quests


FULL DISCLOSURE: I haven’t read his books yet, even though I own them.  But I have grand plans of getting them read soon. Also I suddenly have a strange urge to paint myself blue, don a loincloth and boots, and take a picture or two.*

*On second thought…no on the blue thing, but yes on the reading thing.



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  1. Val
    Val January 12, 2012 at 7:14 pm | | Reply

    I loved the Stepsister Scheme and the subsequent books from that series. My favourite thing about them is that Jim focuses on the dark side of the fairy tales, but in a really humorous way. Also, his female characters are pretty kick ass.

  2. Angel Z
    Angel Z January 17, 2012 at 9:36 am | | Reply

    Lol, I am so glad I sent that on! I did love the My Butt! comment. His blog made me interested it his books. What a sense of humor! I’ve added his books to my list of reads.

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